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Prayer & Praises

Thank you to all of our ministry partners, prayer partners, friends and family.  We would not be able to be here ministering in Brazil without your support in our ministry.  Below are some prayer requests you can pray for us about as you think of us here in Brazil.

Here are our main prayer requests:
  1. Pray for our projects and fundraising:  We have so many faithful ministry partners that are generous and help us a great deal with our ongoing ministry projects.  We are in a constant fundraising mode as ministry takes money to function.  And . . . we always have projects we are working on.
  2. Pray for our travels on the river:  Living in a different culture is difficult enough.  However, when you live in on a houseboat in a different and very underdeveloped culture, it can be trying and testing at times.  Pray for us to have continued safety and wisdom as we travel and minister.
  3. Pray for our support to 100%:  We are praying for a few more dedicated monthly prayer partners to help us get to 100%.  Our ministry packet explains our financial goals in detail.
  4. Pray for Caitlyn's College:  We are coming back to the USA in Aug/2016 for Caitlyn's graduation from the Word of Life Bible institute.  Pray for our travels. and for Caitlyn to have wisdom as she plans/prepares for her future.  
  5. Pray for our Grand Babies:  Being here in Brazil away from our grandbaby triplets is one of the hardest aspects of our ministry.  We certainly miss our kids and grand babies.

View Archive Folder of Past Prayer Requests:  Click Here


posted Apr 1, 2013, 12:40 PM by Butch Jarrell   [ updated Apr 23, 2013, 1:13 PM ]

We will be using this page on our JarrellFamily.com web site to keep everyone updated with our praises and prayer requests.  We have new Prayer Bands that people can wear to help them remember to pray for us and our Brazil
ministry.  If you desire to have one of these, contact us and we will get you one so you can be one of our regular prayer partners. 

I (Butch) Just returned from Honduras for a setup trip for our Student Fusion Ministry and Health Care Trip which will take place this July/Aug.  We had a very successful planning trip in preparation for the coming Short Term Mission trip this summer.  This trip from July 21 through August 10th will be Lesi and my last trip before we head to Brazil at the end of August. 

Jarrell Family Prayer Band
Here are our latest prayer requests and wish/need list for items to help us get ready for Brazil:
 Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for our remaining support needed.  Our biggest need at this time is our monthly support partners/commitments to get us to 100% of our monthly need.
  • Pray for those people who have shared a desire to partner with us in our ministry but have not yet began. 
  • Pray for our language studies.  Our hope is to get to 100% support as soon as possible so we can spend the last 3/4 months before going to Brazil focused on Language studies
  • The selling of many of our household items and furniture as we prepare to move to Brazil.
  • Travel safety as we are on the road for deputation.
  • Balancing our time with deputation and finishing the rooms in our house that need to be renovated.  We are planning on renting our house to make our mortgage and tax payments while we are gone.  We need to have it finished to do this.  So . . . between traveling we have been extremely busy working on finishing our house.  As soon as the weather breaks, I will be finishing the siding on the exterior of the house.
  • The selling of our Truck before we leave for Brazil.
 Wish/Need List:
  • Monthly Support Partners
  • Start-Up Funds
  • Money for a new computer ($800) to take to Brazil.
  • Satellite Phone
  • Home School Material for Caitlyn as we will be home-schooling her Sr. Year of High School in Brazil.

Check Out our Past Archives for our Monthly Email Newsletters here:
Jarrell Newsletter Archive

We are headed to Brazil to minister to Amazon River Communities

posted Aug 2, 2012, 5:33 AM by Butch Jarrell

We are excited to finally announce and share the "Big News".  We have been praying for a while now about ministering to an area where there is much need.  The great commission has laid heavy on our hearts as we have had the opportunity to travel on over 60+ trips around the world ministering through Short Term Mission trips and teams.  One country and people group in particular has challenged our heart to grow from a burden to a deep passion and love for the people to what we feel is a calling.  Of all the trips we have had the opportunity to be a part of, each and every trip back to Brazil has challenged our heart greater with each trip.  The great need to reach the Amazon River communities has been a passion and calling that has grown stronger with every trip back to Brazil.  As we have prayed for this opportunity, the Lord has helped us realize by putting a similar love, passion and desire in both Lesi and my heart for this un-reached people group.  As we prepare over the days-weeks-months ahead, here are some prayer requests you can pray for us:
  • Pray for our support to come in.  We are currently in the process of raising our missionary support and need individuals and churches to get behind us.  If we had 54 more people commit to $50 a month or 22 people/churches commit to $100 a month, we would have then needed support to begin this greatly needed ministry in Brazil.  Click here to download our support packet.
  • Pray for us as we transition from Short Term Missions to the field. We are in the the process of moving into support raising mode but will have several Short Term Mission trips over the coming months we will stay plugged into.
  • Pray for wisdom and our hearts as we prepare for this move.  We are trusting God for the burden we have on our heart.  We know this transition will not be without speed bumps so we are praying for God's wisdom.
  • Pray for Caitlyn as she prepares to go with us.  Our two oldest children will not be going to Brazil with us.  Casey is married and working.  Colbie is graduating from the Word of Life Bible Institute and Caitlyn is very excited about going.  We will need to home school her in Brazil so pray for Lesi and I through this process.
  • Pray for travel mercy as we raise our support.  We are moving into a full time support raising mode and we will be traveling and on the road quite a bit.

April 2011 - Update

posted Apr 20, 2011, 12:20 PM by Butch Jarrell   [ updated Apr 20, 2011, 12:32 PM ]

The first few months of this year have been extremely busy for us.  We have had many trips that have gone out.  March was a very busy time with multiple trips out at the same time.  We had a work team in the Dominican Republic, ministry teams in Peru and Guatemala and a Health Care Team on the Amazon River in Brazil.

Here is a link to the video from our Health Care Trip to Brazil:
This was an awesome trip with phenomenal results for the sake of getting the gospel out.  We partnered with Liberty University for this unique and adventurous Health Care Trip.  Watch this video to get a small glimpse of this unique ministry to the river ministry people in Brazil.

Pray for us as we prepare for upcoming trips.  Lesi and I leave at the end of May on a trip with 31 people to Kenya.  Pray for our team as we will be ministering in public schools, orphanages, Bible Clubs, Churches and other areas in Kenya. There are open doors of opportunity all throughout Kenya and we plan on walking through those open doors.  Pray for our team as we prepare for this awesome opportunity and responsibly to take the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Prayer Requests & Praises - February 2011

posted Feb 8, 2011, 7:16 AM by Butch Jarrell   [ updated Aug 1, 2012, 9:00 PM ]

Ministry Related Prayer Requests & Praises:

  • Pray for our upcoming trips:  Work Trips to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica which leave next week.  Pray for safety for the team, ministry opportunities and the accomplishment of the needed work to each of these Word of Life properties.
  • Pray for the upcoming Brazil – Amazon River Health Care Trip which leaves in March.  We have many details we are still working on for this trip.  
    • Pray for all the visa applications and approvals
    • Pray for the medication orders we are putting together for this health care trip  
    • BTW - - - pray for the needed support to come in to help cover the medication purchases for our Health Care Trips.  Many cannot go but can be involved in our Health Care Trips in this way.
  • Pray for me as I am working on the 2012 Short Term Trip Schedule.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as we put the details for 2012 trips together.  There is an ever growing demand for Short Term Mission Work Teams, Health Care Teams and Ministry Teams, but there is only so much we can do with our current staff.  We are praying that God would burden the hearts of the right people to join our staff and help us do more for the sake of the gospel.
  • Pray for our needed support.   We have put a page with an overview of our ministry on our family web site at:  http://www.jarrellfamily.com/word-of-life-ministry and I have a detailed personal testimony on the web site at:  http://www.jarrellfamily.com/butch-profile .   On our ministry page (http://www.jarrellfamily.com/word-of-life-ministry ) we have a link so people can make donations to our ministry and also take us on for support.  We are trusting the Lord for our needed support.  We PRAISE THE LORD for faithful churches like Ambassador who make our ministry possible. 

Personal Related Prayer Requests & Praises:

  • Prayer and Praise for Casey (our son) and his fiancé Kayla McMahaon.  (You can see their wedding web site at http://www.caseyandkayla.com ).  Pray for them as they prepare for their wedding and prepare for their future as the Lord leads them.  We are also praying for Casey to get a more stable job than he currently has.  Kayla has an excellent job as she is the manager for the Meals on Wheels program for Warrant County here in NY.  Casey and Kayla met as students at the Word of Life Bible Institute where their hearts were bond together.  (see their web site for the story)
  • Pray for a young man (Brad) who I meet with on a weekly basis for discipleship.  Brad is a student at the Word of Life Bible Institute and we are praying for the Lords leadership and direction in his life. 

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