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posted Apr 1, 2013, 12:40 PM by Butch Jarrell   [ updated Apr 23, 2013, 1:13 PM ]
We will be using this page on our JarrellFamily.com web site to keep everyone updated with our praises and prayer requests.  We have new Prayer Bands that people can wear to help them remember to pray for us and our Brazil
ministry.  If you desire to have one of these, contact us and we will get you one so you can be one of our regular prayer partners. 

I (Butch) Just returned from Honduras for a setup trip for our Student Fusion Ministry and Health Care Trip which will take place this July/Aug.  We had a very successful planning trip in preparation for the coming Short Term Mission trip this summer.  This trip from July 21 through August 10th will be Lesi and my last trip before we head to Brazil at the end of August. 

Jarrell Family Prayer Band
Here are our latest prayer requests and wish/need list for items to help us get ready for Brazil:
 Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for our remaining support needed.  Our biggest need at this time is our monthly support partners/commitments to get us to 100% of our monthly need.
  • Pray for those people who have shared a desire to partner with us in our ministry but have not yet began. 
  • Pray for our language studies.  Our hope is to get to 100% support as soon as possible so we can spend the last 3/4 months before going to Brazil focused on Language studies
  • The selling of many of our household items and furniture as we prepare to move to Brazil.
  • Travel safety as we are on the road for deputation.
  • Balancing our time with deputation and finishing the rooms in our house that need to be renovated.  We are planning on renting our house to make our mortgage and tax payments while we are gone.  We need to have it finished to do this.  So . . . between traveling we have been extremely busy working on finishing our house.  As soon as the weather breaks, I will be finishing the siding on the exterior of the house.
  • The selling of our Truck before we leave for Brazil.
 Wish/Need List:
  • Monthly Support Partners
  • Start-Up Funds
  • Money for a new computer ($800) to take to Brazil.
  • Satellite Phone
  • Home School Material for Caitlyn as we will be home-schooling her Sr. Year of High School in Brazil.

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