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We are headed to Brazil to minister to Amazon River Communities

posted Aug 2, 2012, 5:33 AM by Butch Jarrell
We are excited to finally announce and share the "Big News".  We have been praying for a while now about ministering to an area where there is much need.  The great commission has laid heavy on our hearts as we have had the opportunity to travel on over 60+ trips around the world ministering through Short Term Mission trips and teams.  One country and people group in particular has challenged our heart to grow from a burden to a deep passion and love for the people to what we feel is a calling.  Of all the trips we have had the opportunity to be a part of, each and every trip back to Brazil has challenged our heart greater with each trip.  The great need to reach the Amazon River communities has been a passion and calling that has grown stronger with every trip back to Brazil.  As we have prayed for this opportunity, the Lord has helped us realize by putting a similar love, passion and desire in both Lesi and my heart for this un-reached people group.  As we prepare over the days-weeks-months ahead, here are some prayer requests you can pray for us:
  • Pray for our support to come in.  We are currently in the process of raising our missionary support and need individuals and churches to get behind us.  If we had 54 more people commit to $50 a month or 22 people/churches commit to $100 a month, we would have then needed support to begin this greatly needed ministry in Brazil.  Click here to download our support packet.
  • Pray for us as we transition from Short Term Missions to the field. We are in the the process of moving into support raising mode but will have several Short Term Mission trips over the coming months we will stay plugged into.
  • Pray for wisdom and our hearts as we prepare for this move.  We are trusting God for the burden we have on our heart.  We know this transition will not be without speed bumps so we are praying for God's wisdom.
  • Pray for Caitlyn as she prepares to go with us.  Our two oldest children will not be going to Brazil with us.  Casey is married and working.  Colbie is graduating from the Word of Life Bible Institute and Caitlyn is very excited about going.  We will need to home school her in Brazil so pray for Lesi and I through this process.
  • Pray for travel mercy as we raise our support.  We are moving into a full time support raising mode and we will be traveling and on the road quite a bit.