Honduras Health Care Trip
Information Page  (Trip Dates:  July 27-Aug 4, 2013)

The Honduras Health Care Team will join our Student Fusion (SF) trip in Honduras which will include 20-30 high school and college age students.  The students on the trip will be helping with ministry, evangelism, patient transport and also with other aspects of clinic as appropriate.  The Student Fusion team will start out with a week of Boot Camp on Word of Life Island in up state NY and then the team will spend two weeks in Honduras which will be one week of Health Care Clinics and a second week of work and ministry projects.

Pictures from past Health Care Trips to Honduras:

What you will need:
  • A great attitude ready and willing to have fun
  • A Passport that is good for 6 months from the trip dates
  • Vaccinations/Shots:  We recommend that everyone follow the guidelines for travel from the Center for Disease Control (http://www.cdc.gov/).
  • Honduras Airport Exit Tax ($40 US)
  • Souvenir money
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • Over the Counter Medication:  Download List of OTC Medications you can bring.
  • You will receive a detailed packing list once you register for the trip.
  • Etc.    

Trip Price:  $776 + Airfare & Airport Exit Fee 
The trip price does not include international airfare, Airport Exit Fees or Tips.
(NOTE:  trip cost could change or vary depending on fluctuating fuel and currency exchange rates/costs).

The trip price includes your
  • In-country transportation costs
  • In-country lodging costs
  • In-country food costs (less possibly one meal during the day of sightseeing)
  • Trip Insurance
Medical Professionals, translators and Support Participants are needed.
This Health Care Trip will be in conjunction with the 1st week of the
Student Fusion trip.  (If interested in staying two weeks for 2nd work week, option is available)
We have conducted Health Care Clinics in Honduras for many years now and there is a great need for Health Care in these under developed communities.  See this video from one of our past Honduras Health Care Trips (http://youtu.be/KU8Hyq8Qj9E)

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:  (PaulJarrell@wol.org)

Trip Dates:  July 27 - Aug 4, 2013  
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After giving a precious elderly lady a pair of glasses, she get's excited when she says, "I can see the boat; I can see people on the boat . . . "