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Satellite Phone Contact Information

If there is an emergency, you might try calling, texting (see app at bottom of page) and sending an email to our SAT email.  It may take multiple times to get through when calling so be patient and keep trying. 
We may only check our SAT email once a day if that.

Our Primary Satellite # (Inmarsat) phone number is:    8707 - 7631 - 2948

NOTEFor Emergencies, DO NOT leave a Voice Mail on our SAT phoneIf you attempt to call us and we do not answer, then send us a text to the SAT phone via the link below and keep trying to callDO NOT leave a Voice Mail for emergencies because we do not check the VM's on the SAT phones and won't get them until they are in clear and open view of the sky and satellites.

Use the international dialing prefix '011' when calling one of our SAT phones.

When dialing the SAT Phone from the USA dial:    011-8707-7631-2948 

From other countries
follow the rules for dialing an international number. Calls the the SAT Phone are international calls and will be billed to the caller's long distance rate by the caller’s telephone service provider.

Feel free to call, text or email to our Sat phone as incoming calls, texts & emails to our SAT phones are free.
If you send an email directly to the above SAT phone email addresses, remember that only the first 160 characters of the message will come through.  We will need to have the SAT phone turned on and in clear view of the sky to receive messages.  If you call and there is no answer, then send us a message using the link below.  Then, the next time we have the phone in clear view of the sky and the Satellites, we will get your message. 

Use the link below to send up to a 160 character text message to our Satellite phone.  A new window will open to send the message from.  You will need to enter the Sat Phone number in the window that opens to send the message to our SAT phone. 


This is our Primary Device.
You will need our IsatPhone Pro SAT # to send
a message
:   8707-7631-2948
(NOTE: The App will already have the first 87077
. . . you will need to type in the  6312948 )
Direct Link Here: or use button below

Note:  If the above links do not work, use the links below to open the Sat Phone message pages directly:

TXT/SMS address for our SAT phone is:  870776312948@message.inmarsat.com

Note:  It is best to use the link/app above for texting because our SAT phone is limited to the number of characters it can receive.  Unlike many modern smart phones which will send multiple messages if your text is too long.  Our SAT phone will truncate the message after the allotted character limit so we won't get the entire message if it is too long.  For this reason, it is best to use the button/links above for the pop-up texting App.