If you are a Verizon Wireless Customer, you may be able to help us:

When we move to Brazil in August/2013, we will have four months (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) left on our Verizon contract.  Although I have been a Verizon customer for 15 years, there is no give on early contact termination.  There will be a $500 charge for us to terminate three cell phones on our contract early.  There is a possibility that existing Verizon Wireless customers (or anyone looking to start a contract) might be able to help us and not have to pay the $500 termination charge. 

Here is how:

Any Verizon Wireless customer who is thinking about adding an additional line to their contract could help us by transferring one of our existing lines to your account. 

This could also help you in several ways:

  1. There would be no $35 new line activation fee for you to transfer one of our existing lines.  (You could also change to a new number and not keep our old number if you desire)
  2. One of the phones we have is grandfathered in with an ‘unlimited’ data plan.  According to the Verizon representative, this ‘unlimited’ data plan (that is no longer available through Verizon) could follow the phone.
  3. All of our phones are eligible for a ‘free’ renewal so you could get a ‘free’ phone upgrade right away if you wanted a new phone.
  4. We could/would possibly give you a sweet deal on one of our phones we are looking to sell if you are interested.  We have two iPhone 4’s (8gb) and one Samsung Alias II.

 Please contact me if you have any questions, are looking to add/upgrade a Verizon line or are interested.

Day/Office:  518-494-6333

Evening/Home:  518-623-0706

Cell:  419-606-2333

For Him,

Butch & Lesi Jarrell