Map of Amazon River Communities

Reaching the River People of the Amazon with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

SEARA means "Harvest" in Portuguese.

SEARA stands for:

Service and Evangelism and Assistance to the River People of the Amazon

SEARA is the name of our ministry in Brazil and also the name of the main ministry boat. 

This is a short two minute video (above) of our SEARA Base Camp Property located near Itacoatiara, Brazil.  This is where we live when we are not on the river ministering.  This short video initially pans from left to right showing you four of the five houses/apartments on the property with the Urubu river in the background.  

  - 1st house/apartment - Preto (left) & Renan/Jahvonna (right)

  - 2nd house - Rick/Kim

  - 3rd house/apartment - Butch/Lesi (left) - Adreano/Mara (right)

  - 4th house/ - Raidno/Silvia

The second part of the video does a circle to show the entire property initially showing the same four houses and then pans to Greg & Anne's house with the lake in the background.  It pans around with the soccer field in the background behind the children's play area where Rick and I (Butch) are standing during the video.

Below is a map of the rivers and the 70+ river communities we currently have active and ongoing ministries in. 

Here are some details about this map to help you locate and understand where our ministry is:

(Click here for a larger HIGH QUALITY image Map Below)

(Click here for a larger HIGH QUALITY image Map)

This is a video of the village of Tumbíra which is a typical type of River Community.