Amazon River Fishin' Mission

Amazon River Fishin' Mission

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The Amazon Peacock Bass is pound for pound the hardest hitting and fighting freshwater

game fish on earth! Their top water lure-smashing strikes have become legendary in the angling community and thousands of fishermen travel each year to challenge this exciting game fish.  The Fishin' Mission will not only be traveling to the Amazon Region during the prime fishing season for Peacock Bass, but we will also be ministering in remote river communities along tributaries of the Amazon River.  Join our mission team as we use this Fishin' Mission trip to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of remote river communities.  Your fishing guides will be missionaries and some indigenous people from the village communities.  By joining us on this trip, you will be assisting us in ministry and be a blessing to the river people we will minister to and help feed.  As we “fish for men” we will follow Christ’s example and use fish to feed men and to draw them to Him.Join us for the experience of a lifetime!  Not only will we be fishing for the world famous Amazon Peacock Bass, but you will experience a life-changing ministry alongside the Word of Life Amazon river ministry.  This trip will give you an eye-opening view of the blessings we take for granted on a daily basis.Purpose and Scope of our Fishin Mission :)

Our goal in offering these Amazon River Fishin Mission trips are to:

1 - Help with Fundraising for the Amazon River Ministry Team.  The primary purpose of this Fishin Mission is to help us raise money for ministry projects.  We have several projects we are raising money for.  We have built a $1500 donation included into the cost for each fisherman which will be put toward one of the current projects we are working on.  See the budget below for details.  

We are looking to build/purchase:

Multipurpose Buildings in river communities that are used for Church Meetings, Youth Activities and community functions.  These are welcomed by newer communities who have not yet grown in their faith and are not yet ready for a Church.  These multipurpose buildings are a great first step and need as we make initial relations in new river communities.  A multipurpose building can cost $3000-$4000.

Missionary Homes in river communities.  We strategically move missionaries (Families/Couples/Individuals) into river communities to have ongoing real-time ministry with river communities and families.  A Missionary Home can cost $5000-$7000.

Boat & Motor for missionaries living in river communities.  When a missionary is strategically placed in a river community, they have ministry opportunities and responsibilities in nearby and surrounding river communities.  A boat and motor are absolute necessities for river missionaries.  A boat and motor can run $5000-$6,000.

Churches in river communities.  When a river community has grown in their faith and are ready for a church, we build churches.  We want to be careful not to prematurely build a church.  It is best to build a church with the river community is ready to accept and take ownership of the Church so it is not though of as "The Missionaries Church".  We don't want the churches to be thought of as the building or church that the missionaries built but as a house of God for them to Worship in.  When a river community is ready for a church, we need to raise the money and build it for them.  A Church can cost $5000-$7000.

See more about these projects on our donation page at:

2 - To help expose people to the Amazon River Ministry.  During the course of the Fishin Mission trip, we will be stopping in a variety of villages for ministry or to deliver fish we catch.  This is a great opportunity for the fishermen to have a first hand experience of what the Brazil Amazon River Ministry Team is about.  

3 - To provide food/fish to villages and river communities.  River communities rely on their hunting, fishing, gathering for their survival.  The fish we can help supply them with is a blessing as we help provide them with a small amount of food.

Location of the Fishin Mission:  Itacoatiara, Brazil (About three hours drive east of Manaus - Click here to see on Google Maps) – Itacoatiara is a Brazilian municipality. It's the third most populous town in the Brazilian state of Amazonas and it is located on the metropolitan area of Manaus, on the borders of Amazonas river. Its population was 90,889 (2009) and its area is 8,600 km. The town is part of the Amazonas central region and is also known as "Cidade da Pedra Pintada" - which is, actually, its name translated from Tupi. Itacoatiara has an important port, which is responsible for a considerable amount of cargo transportation in Amazonas.  Word of Life's base camp property is located near Itacoatiára where our trip will originate from.  We will travel from Itacoatiara to many remote river communities and then to areas we will fish and minister.

The map below shows the villages our River Ministry Team is ministering in.  We will conduct our Fishin Mission on the Rio Abacaxis (Pineapple River).  Paixúba is the last village on this river and we will fish farther down stream from 10-14 hours to where the prime fishing is.

(Visit our MAP Page for more details and a larger HQ Map)

(Visit our MAP Page for more details and a larger HQ Map)

What you will need: (Trip Check List)  Download a Printable copy of this check list.

Fishing gear (Open Picture Photo Album for pictures of tackle box for images of lures)

(One of my personal favorite is the Rapala J-13 Firetiger)

(view large image)

For the last several trips, we have used soft/canvas style golf bags with a cardboard tube or PVC tube inside the golf bag to protect rods.  Some trip participants have used rod cases which will allow for rods that don't break down.  However, each rod case will count as a piece of luggage and if it is long/large enough you may have to pay an oversize baggage charge (See your airline for details).  So, we have used and recommend a soft/canvas style golf bag with our rods protected by cardboard/pvc tubes.  This has allowed us to use the other space/weight for other fishing gear and supplies.

Tentative Schedule:

Day 1 – Travel to Brazil

Day 2 – River Travel & Village Ministry

Day 3 – Travel & Fishing

Day 4 – Fishing

Day 5 – Fishing

Day 6 – Fishing & Travel

Day 7 – River Travel & Village Ministry

Day 8 – River Travel to City/Airport

Day 9 – Travel Home

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Trip Price: 

$1097 - In Country Costs . . . this is the cost for food, fuel for main boat and individual fishing boats, transportation to/from airport, souvenir hammock, tips for the guides, etc.

$1500 - Trip Donation . . . this is the donation added as described above (see Purpose and Scope at the top of this web page for details.)  If you are able to help with projects above this amount, we will greatly welcome and appreciate your donation to help us with the needed projects described above.


$2597 - Trip Cost (includes in country costs-$1097 and donation-$1500)

About the trip cost:  This is a fraction of the cost for other exotic fishing trips in the Amazon region of Brazil.  Guided tours start at $6950 and up . . . see for an example of pricing for commercial options.  Our Fishin Mission trip is ministry focused and has 3-4 days of dedicated fishing.  You will be helping make an eternal difference in the lives of people on this trip.  (Our budget is based on 8 trip participants)

NOTE:  If an church, business or individual desires to help us with our needed project and fundraising, the $1500 trip donation, may be waived.  We can work with the trip participants if a gift (trip donation) comes in to cover these project goals.  Contact us for more details.

The trip price does not include international airfare, Brazil Visa or Trip Insurance

The trip price includes your

You will need to make your international airfare arrangements flying into Manaus.

Manaus Eduardo Gomes International Airport, Code - MAO

We will work with you about making flight arrangements so the team will arrive together.

(NOTE:  trip cost could change or vary depending on fluctuating fuel and currency exchange rates/costs).

Medical Emergency Insurance should be purchased through our Word of Life International Headquarters office for each individual going on a trip.  You can purchase this insurance through Word of Life International Headquarters Office online at:  Contact our Word of Life International office at: with any questions about this medical emergency insurance.

This medical emergency insurance is not travel insurance for your plane fare.  You will need to work through the travel agent to purchase travel insurance for your ticket if you desire.

We do not require travel insurance for your ticket but we do require that each participant purchase medical emergency insurance through Brotherhood Mutual which has a special rider policy for all Short Term Mission Participants traveling to a Word of Life location around the world.

This is a limited space trip and budget is based on 8 trip participants.  We do need at least 4-5 participants to make the trip cost effective.  If there are less than 8 trip participants, then the cost per person may increase accordingly to cover fuel costs and transportation costs to and from the airport in Manaus/Itacoatiára. 

Here are some travel agencies we have been in contact with and used.  You or your team can use these as a reference to work on your airline tickets.  Please contact me ( and we will help advise for grouping reservations for participants from various locations.

We will work with each participant (and teams)

to coordinate your airfare so the

individuals/team will arrive and depart together to and from Manaus.  In years past, some teams have used direct flights from Miami to Manaus.  This has helped eliminate problems when luggage does not arrive with team members arriving in Brazil/Manaus.  Teams would typically fly into Miami the night before the the international leg, spend a night in a hotel in Miami and then fly out on a direct flight from Miami to Manaus.  Because of the extreme nature of this trip, our desire is to insure this trip is right for you and to alleviate any surprises.  We will be living on the houseboat and sleeping in hammocks.  Air-mattresses are also an option.  If you have a need/desire for an air mattress, we may be able to supply it or you might bring one.  This trip will be a Short Term Mission Adventure where the temperature and humidity may be extremely hot tropical conditions.  The food will be healthy and we may ask for the team members to bring some food supplies that are not available in Brazil.  The remote river communities are underdeveloped with travel times via boat to each community.  These trips and conditions are safe and may not be best suited for families with smaller children.  Contact us if you have questions or concerns.See Short Term Mission Trip Rating Scale Guide

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:  (

Sept/2018 Trip Dates TBD: 

The 2018 Fishin Mission Trip Dates will be around the 2nd or 3rd week in September.  We will be confirming the exact dates soon to allow for planning of schedules but would still like for you go ahead and register if you are interested.  Use the registration button below to register.