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God has allowed us to have an awesome ministry with Word of Life starting in 2003.  While leading Short Term Mission Teams around the world.  Our hearts had been burdened for the people of every country we have ministered in.  One of the many areas we led many teams to were the remote river communities in Brazil.  We felt God leading us there to work with those remote river communities.  God allowed us to live and minister in Brazil from 2013 to 2018.  While working in Brazil, we were able to work on the Audio Bible Project and various other ministries while in Brazil.  Since over 80% of the river people are functionally illiterate, the Solar Audio Bibles were an invaluable part of our ministry in Brazil.  In 2016 we began creating and using the Word of Life Quiet Time in audio format for the people to listen to on the Audio Bible Players.

God has opened a new ministry opportunity and redirected our Hearts to serve in mission work with Global Outreach Mission (GOM) DBA MissionGO.  This was a long and difficult decision after 16+ wonderful years of ministry with Word of Life, but after much prayer and consideration, we felt God's direction and call to GOM in many ways.  Although we love Word of Life and the people in Brazil where God was allowing us to minister, God has redirected our calling.  Our heart's desire is to be in the area where we could have the most impact for the sake of the gospel.  As we considered our four hands working in Brazil (Lesi's two hands and my two hands) we began to quickly realize that God was allowing us the opportunity to be strategically involved in training and sending out dozens of new hands for ministry work each year.  We quickly realized that dozens of new missionaries going out every year out to various countries all around the world would have more impact than our 4 hands working in Brazil.     


God has opened this door for us with Global Outreach Mission DBA MissionGO working focusing on Missionary Development. We are now based out of the Buffalo, NY area but traveling to various countries. This new ministry has more impact for the sake of the Gospel than us serving and ministering in Brazil.  We certainly appreciate all of our faithful ministry partners and special friends that God had put in our path and allowed to be part of our team.  We would not be able to do any ministry would out these very special people.  

About Butch (Paul)

I was saved as a young child at age eight and raised in a Christian home by godly parents. I grew up in church where my father was the pastor and have been involved in local church ministries with Lesi since we were married in 1987.

God used a short term missions trip in 2000 to direct us into full-time ministry with Word of Life. We had been feeling called to ministry and were seeking God's direction for our lives. It was this life-changing trip to Nigeria that God used to launch us into full time ministry with Word of Life in 2003. Now, I can't believe we get to do this for a living!

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About Lesi (pronounced like 'Lisa')

I was saved as young child and raised in a Christian home by Godly parents who were committed to the Lord. I grew up in Church where my family were founding members and my brother was the pastor.

We have three Children:

  * Paul Casey (Married)  * Elizabeth Colbie  * Sarah Caitlyn


"To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace." Luke 1:79

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Without our faithful supporters, our ministry would not be possible.Thank you to all of our ministry partners.